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Electronics Mechanic Trade

Reference NOS & NCO Brief description of Job roles:

Electronics Mechanic; Electronic Equipment Mechanic repairs electronic equipment, such as computers, industrial controls, radar systems, transmitters and tele-metering control systems following blueprints and manufacturer's specifications and using hand tools and test instruments. Tests faulty equipment and applies knowledge of functional operation of electronic units and systems to diagnose cause of malfunction. Tests electronic components and circuits to locate defects, using instruments, such as oscilloscopes, signal generators, ammeters and voltmeters. Replaces defective components and wiring and adjusts mechanical parts, using hand tools and soldering iron. Aligns, adjusts and calibrates testing instruments. Maintains records of repairs, calibrations and test. May install equipment in industrial or military establishments and in aircraft.

Television Installation Man installs and adjusts television receivers and antennas, using hand tools. Selects antenna according to type of set and location of transmitting station. Bolts cross arms and dipole elements in position to assemble antenna. Secures antenna in place with bracket and guy wires, observing insurance codes and local ordnances to protect installation from lighting and other hazards. Drills and waterproofs holes in building to make passage for transmission line. Connects line between receiver and antenna and fastens it in place. Tunes receiver on all channels and adjusts screws to obtain desired density, linearity, focus and size of picture. Orients antenna and installs reflector to obtain strongest possible reception. May operate radio broadcasting unit.

Cable Television Installer installs cable television cables and equipment on customer's premises, using electrician's tools and test equipment. Measures television signal strength at utility pole, using electronic test equipment. Computes impedance of wire from pole to house to determine additional resistance needed for reducing signal to desired level. Installs terminal boxes and strings lead-in wires, using electrician's tools. Connects television set to cable system and evaluates incoming signal. Adjusts and repairs cable system to ensure optimum reception. May collect installation fees and explain cable service operation to subscriber. May communicate with SUPERVISOR, using two-way radio or telephone, to receive instructions or technical advice and to report problems to be repaired. May report unauthorized use of cable system to SUPERVISOR. May clean and maintain tools, test equipment.

Television Service and Repairman repairs and adjusts radios and television receivers, using hand tools and electronic testing instruments. Tunes receiver on all channels and observes audio and video characteristics to locate source of trouble. Adjusts controls to obtain desired density, linearity, focus and size of picture. Examines chassis for defects. Tests voltages and resistance of circuits to isolate defect following schematic diagram and using voltmeter, oscilloscope, signal generator and other electronic testing instruments. Tests and changes tubes, solders loose connections and repairs or replaces defective parts, using hand tools and soldering iron. Repair radios and other audio equipment. May install television sets.

Plan and organize assigned work and detect & resolve issues during execution. Demonstrate possible solutions and agree tasks within the team. Communicate with required clarity and understand technical English. Sensitive to environment, self-learning and productivity.

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