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Mechanic Motor Vehicle

Course Information (Mechanic Motor Vehicle)

An intensive industrial survey was made to ascertain the requirements of skill-gap in the automobile sector; a scientifically designed survey covering labour-market survey web-survey was conducted. Based on the data obtained, the skills are identified and accordingly the syllabus has been drafted. Subsequently the Trade expert committee reviewed.

Terminal Competencies/Deliverables:
After successful completion of the above course, the trainee shall be able to perform the following skills with proper sequence.

Mechanic, Automobile repairs overhauls and services motor vehicles to keep them in good running condition.

Examines vehicle to ascertain nature and location of defects either by running engine or driving vehicle on road.

Dismantles partially or completely defective unit or parts of vehicle such as engine, gear box, rear axle, front axle, steering assembly, radiator, etc. according to nature of repairs to be done, using hoist, jack, pullers, hand tools and other devices.

Measures essential parts like cylinder, bores piston, sizes crank pins etc. using gauges, micrometer and other precision tools and gets cylinders rebored, liners filled, valve seats refaced, bearings replaced etc. as necessary.

Repairs or overhauls and assembles engine such as replacing defective parts, scrapping bearings, setting timing, cleaning injectors, tuning carburettor etc. according to maker's specification.

Replaces or repairs defective parts of gear box, rear axle, steering mechanism etc. and sets them right ensuring correct alignment, clearance, meshing of gears, specified movements and operations.

Relines and builds brakes, sets wheel alignment, adjust, steering, clutch, hand brakes etc fits new or repaired accessories and body parts, makes electrical connection, and performs other tasks to effect repairs.

Lubricates, joints, tightens loose parts, tests performance of vehicle by driving on road and makes necessary adjustments to attain desired standard.

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