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Dear Friends,
It is a great privilege to be a part of Loyola Institutions at Mount St. Joseph. Loyola Industrial Technical Institute is one of them. It is a unique venture of the Jesuits of Karnataka Province since 1992.

At Loyola ITI, we try to understand, the challenges that are stored in student’s minds. Our mission is to support students in meeting the challenges they face, and to help them to reach their goals in the technical field. It is important to make a right choice at right time, in this digital era. Parents who select Loyola ITI have enough confidence that we will strive to guide their children in making wise decisions on their respective technical field.

We strive to ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for domestic industry to raise quantitatively & qualitatively the industrial production by systematic training, to reduce unemployment among youth by providing them employable training, to cultivate & nurture a technical /industrial attitude in the minds of the younger generation.

We believe, it is difficult to teach students to apply what they learn, which results in a balanced education, knowledge and application. Instructors encourage students to be practical in their knowledge. So that right judgment to a problem make students to be confident and fearless in whatever issues they undertake in the future.

We provide a rich learning environment in Loyola ITI where all instructors focus on course contents and take extra steps to help students. Loyola ITI fosters trainees’ skills and teaches them to solve problems independently and to work co-operatively with others.

We encourage trainees to be diligent in their work, to persevere through difficult times, and to do their best. With the guidance of instructors and of the ITI’s administrative staff, trainees will reach their port of dreams, sailing with the wind and sometimes against it; but sail they must and not drift or lie at anchor.

I feel blessed to be a Principal and thrilled to be part of such an outstanding Loyola ITI family. As our institution motto says that “EMPOWERED TO LOVE AND SERVE”

Let’s Encourage, Educate and Empower our youth and so that we have bright future in the years to come.  

Mrs. P. Mary Veronika

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Kalenaagrahara, Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore - 560076
Mobile   : 8147027450
Email     : loyolaitc@yahoo.co.in
               : office.liti@gmail.com

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